Since 2001, CE Power Solutions has provided electrical engineering and field services to the utility, industrial, and institutional markets. But in a larger sense, we are in the business of reliability, giving our customers everything they need to succeed in a changing and challenging industry—services for upgrades, testing, compliance, and workforce support, delivered with unparalleled safety and value.

What makes us different

We have deep, one-stop resources that smaller companies can’t provide. Yet unlike many larger companies, we have direct relationships with all leading OEMs, which ensures that the recommended solution also happens to be the best solution.

We take a disciplined, safety-first approach to every project and are committed to being the industry’s leading provider, helping our customers maintain the uninterrupted integrity of their power systems. We get it right the first time, on time, and within budget. And we are aggressively expanding our footprint to meet your needs far into the future.

A powerful, personal commitment

Our management and engineering staff have been involved with the power industry for over 30 years. We understand the emerging needs surrounding Smart Grid, NFPA 70E Compliance and NERC/FERC Compliance, as well as the challenges posed by increased demand, aging infrastructure and constricted budgets.

CE Power Solutions teams and affiliated companies operate as an organized partnership, which drives an ownership mentality throughout the organization—our passion for excellence is a matter of personal pride.

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