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Since 2001, CE Power has been a leading independent provider of outsourced power system engineering, testing, and maintenance services that enhance the reliability of the electric grid. Recently, the company has exponentially expanded both services and geographic footprint to support customers across the country.

3C Electrical Company has earned a solid, 45-year reputation in the Northeast for serving customers with electrical power engineering, specialty contracting, acceptance and maintenance testing for voltages ranging from 480V through 500kV. Staffed by NETA®-certified technicians, 3C also offers a suite of unique services related to NERC compliance.

In June of this year, the two companies announced a merger, combining their resources to provide comprehensive NERC solutions to the industry. It’s an alliance that couldn’t come at a better time. As companies are challenged with increasingly complex NERC reliability standards and a need for greater efficiencies—solutions have been few and far between.

Why compliance matters

NERC, short for North American Electric Reliability Corporation, was set up to assure the reliability of the bulk-power system in North America. It formulates planning guides and operating procedures necessary to prevent large-scale outages, such as the one that occurred in 2003 in which 55 million people were affected. The first set of legally enforceable standards was approved in 2007.

Since then, the electric grid has become increasingly complex, as have the standards for compliance. However, failure to meet those obligations can result in hefty fines, which draws funds away from budgets that could be used for security or needed upgrades.

Avoidance is not a strategy

Some companies have even chosen to downgrade infrastructure so that it doesn’t fall under NERC domain—not a good business decision. Outdated solutions will require increasingly rare specialization and make power-generation systems that much less efficient.

Maintaining the integrity of electrical infrastructure is vital to the public interest and to business. Secure and properly configured systems will not only make compliance easier, but lower administrative costs.

“Compliance is inevitable,” said Bill McCloy, President and CEO of CE Power. “The longer companies delay, the more painful the transition will be.”

Problem is, NERC compliance solutions are notoriously piecemeal. Independent auditing, installation, or training services would typically need to be contracted from different providers—a disjointed and highly inefficient approach. With the CE Power-3C merger, companies will now have access to comprehensive guidance and A-to-Z engineering support from a single, experienced resource.

One-stop solution

Both companies will continue to operate under their current names, providing NETA-accredited compliance solutions from analysis to auditing. Capabilities include analysis, maintenance, testing, and engineering of Bulk Electrical System (BES) disturbances, identification of failures or changes in protection and control schemes, and all documentation and maintenance requirements necessary to secure infrastructure integrity.

In this mutual expansion of capabilities, customers of both companies have already benefited—from realized efficiencies to smarter planning. Said 3C owner Jim Cialdea, “Moving forward that story will not only continue, but gain momentum.”

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3C Electrical owner Jim Cialdea, the newest executive in the CE Power family.