CE Power Solutions

Innovative electrical solutions for a safe and reliable future

CE Power Solutions provides unparalleled support for NERC/FERC compliance, NFPA 70E Arc Flash compliance, protective relay testing, and engineering design review as well as installation and commissioning of high voltage protection and control relays.

The CE Power technical staff provides substation maintenance, transformer testing, startup and commissioning, generator sync-check relay testing – all with 24-hour emergency response service available.

Our design team has extensive experience in the areas of switchgear retrofill, hardware upgrade to support smart grid initiatives, distribution switchgear upgrades, iso-phase and non-seg busway modification and repair, and padmount switchgear retrofill.

Moreover, CE Power is committed to the Alternative Energy market by providing switchgear solutions for hydro energy and also providing collector substation commissioning and relay check services for the wind energy sector.

CE Power is pleased to have affiliation with the NETA companies of CE Power Solutions of Minnesota, LLC and CE Power Solutions of Ohio, LLC, as well as the Hope Engineering Division of CE Power Solutions of Michigan.

Services Provided:

Field Testing, Maintenance and Commissioning Services

Service Offerings
  • Substation Maintenance and Testing Through 500kV
  • Emergency Services
  • Transformer Testing and Repair
  • Startup and Commissioning
  • Relay Testing – NERC/FERC Compliance

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