Comprehensive safety services,
from engineering studies to mitigation techniques

An Arc Flash is a fatality
waiting to happen. Don’t let it.

An arc flash is the sudden release of energy caused by an electric arc. Not only can it result in equipment loss and downtime, it is also one of the leading causes of workplace injury and death.

Any company with an electrical system—from large utilities or local hospitals—needs to be aware of potential arc flash hazards and how to address them.

Arc Flash Risk Assessment

CE Power Solutions can perform a comprehensive arc flash risk assessment to properly identify hazards, help determine flash protection boundaries, approach distances, incident arc energy, and required Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Assessments include:

Gathering data on electrical distribution systems
Compiling results of complex calculations
Accurate system impedance diagram
Short-circuit study
Protective-device coordination
Determination of incident energy
Recommendations and budget for arc flash mitigation solutions
Updated one-line diagram
Customized equipment labels
Employee training

Mitigation Techniques 

Our cost-effective strategies include reducing fault-current levels or fault duration, increasing working distance, or installing arc-resistant equipment.

Remote racking and operation
Current limiting reactors
Current-limiting fuses
System coordination changes
Upgrade to modern trip units
Differential protection
Arc-detection relays


In a second, an arc flash can release a deadly amount of energy, vaporizing metal and blasting super-heated shrapnel outward with explosive force.

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