Combine aging equipment with a tightening regulatory environment, and it’s easy to see cost control isn’t getting any easier. We can help. Our technicians and engineers have an average 20 years of solid expertise and know how to quickly assess equipment and implement repairs and/or upgrades, with licensed PEs reviewing your test results.


  • Evaluation of circuit breakers – transformers, relays, and other electrical apparatuses
  • PowerDB – to help you manage test data from your equipment maintenance and testing activities
  • More than $2 million of in-house test equipment -including Doble, Omicron, Megger, Vanguard, and Raytech—with operational expertise to back it up
  • Upgrades -including testing and repairs for 480V to 765kV systems
  • Retrofit and refurbishment – circuit breakers
  • Switchgear testing – medium and low voltage
  • Switchgear upgrade services – demo, installation, and commissioning, with on-site capabilities; retrofill/retrofit; breaker and starter upgrades; arc flash mitigation; new, used, and obsolete parts procurement
  • Relay upgrades – electromechanical-to-solid state relay turnkey; custom automatic throw-over schemes; generator protection/excitation upgrades; custom relay panels
  • Relay testing and commissioning – upload and configure settings; wiring verification and end-to-end testing; all manufacturers supported; NERC/FERC compliance assistance
  • Repair and reconditioning services – LV and MV breakers, MV starters; all major manufacturers supported; upgraded electronic trip devices; comprehensive testing and reporting upon completion of rebuild

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