Equipment damage and system failures are never a welcome part of the plan, but they happen. If your current power system operates on electromechanical (EM) or outdated relays, it is imperative to develop a comprehensive upgrade program as they reach the end of useful life.

CE Power Solutions can provide custom relay upgrades to help you avoid system failures and costly downtime. Since 2001, we have proudly offered full service electrical engineering capabilities and reliable field service to the utility, industrial, and institutional markets.

A Legacy digital relay upgrade could be the ideal solution to address many of your current challenges. Beyond breaker protection, advanced technology with the latest microprocessor based relays gives many added benefits including improved employee safety via arc flash reduction, enhanced metering and fault analysis capabilities, simplification of breaker automation, and automatic transfer schemes.


Replacement in kind with limited functionality


  • Use of existing inputs (CT’s or VT’s only), door and panel openings
  • Transfer of characteristics (pickup/time delay/curve shape)

Replacement in kind with limited functionality plus advanced features


  • Add additional inputs (VT’s, breaker status), metering
  • Transfer of characteristic (pickup/time delay/curve shape)
  • AutoCAD markups to existing drawings 

Replacement with advanced features and functionality


  • Additional inputs (VT’s, breaker status, IRIG-B time sync), metering, arc-flash detection, GOOSE messaging
  • Replacement doors with prewired controls
  • AutoCAD markup, update system one-line
  • Automation/communications features like M-T-M auto throw over, fast bus protection and remote operation

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