Many of our customers need reinforcements for engineering or operational staff. And sometimes, robust capex budgets can quickly outstrip resources. Fortunately, CE Power Solutions understands the importance of a quality workforce. We can deliver comprehensive outsourcing solutions—trained experts who know your equipment, your policies and your procedures—with guaranteed contracts.

We are also committed to future workforce needs, investing substantially in our Graduate Accelerated Professional (GAP) Program. Here, apprentices are mentored by experienced engineers for 12-18 months of intense training across all disciplines and equipment.


  • Employees embedded within client workforce
  • Extensive training
  • Familiarity with client equipment, policies, and procedures
  • Succession planning strategy for client workforce
  • GAP training investment in future needs
  • Disciplined documentation
  • Site and project management capabilities

Download a printable version of CE Power Solutions’ Embedded Workforce Solutions